Saturday, 13 December 2014

How to create recurring invoice in Odoo?

First install "Recurring Documents" module.

Now follow this path. Settings => Technical => Automation => Recurring Types and create record with name should be any thing and object must be Invoice.

Settings => Technical => Automation => Recurring Documents and create document for invoice. In Source Document, we may select which invoice we need to create recurring.

Save this record and click on red button called "Process"

We can see that Cron Job is created.

Documents Created tab is empty because currently no invoice is created.

 After Scheduler run the document is created. (NOTE: I have changed interval unit from Months to Days so next interval can match and create invoice instantly. Otherwise it will create once on monthly basis.)
Cron Job look like.

Below image is a old invoice which is we select in Source Document.

Here is new Invoice which is created from cron job. 

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  1. subscription hang during install process do you knon a work arround


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