Friday, 18 December 2015

Login in Odoo with Google Acoount

This article will help us to login In Odoo with Google account.

If you have Google Apps then you probably want to allow your Odoo users to login with their Google account. The good news is Odoo supports OAuth authentication which means it plays nicely with Google Apps.

However setting this up can be quite tricky. In this guide I’m going to step you through the process so you can get it working first time.

Note that Google Apps is different to standalone GMail. You must follow each of the steps below in sequence otherwise your authentication process will fail.

There are six main steps:
  1. Enable OAuth authentication support in Odoo
  2. Enable the Google App Engine Admin Console in your Google Apps domain
  3. Create Google Apps OAuth2 access for Odoo
  4. Add Google OAuth2 credentials to Odoo
  5. Create a new Odoo user with Google Apps authentication
  6. Activating Google Apps authentication for new user
Important: Make sure Odoo is correctly configured to send email before starting this. Odoo will need to email an activation link when you enable OAUTH.

So, let’s get started.

Please follow steps for more details

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